Wireless IP Security Camera Special - $499 Installed

We are offering a Wireless "Push Video" IP Camera Installed in the Greater Vancouver area For $499 Plus Tax for a limited time.

Kaban Protective Services inc. has been installing cameras for decades, trust us when we say this is an incredible deal for a high quality, high definition IP Camera.

When There Is An Event This Camera Will Notify You On Your Mobile Device Within 5 Seconds!!

What is "Push Video" and how does it work? When an intruder is detected by the cameras sensor this camera will immediately make a video call to your iPad, iPhone or Android phone which will then activate our mobile surveillance software, EagleEyes, automatically for remote access.

Eagle Eyes App The Eagle Eyes App allows the user to view live video of their home or business from their smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The Camera This is a 1.3 Megapixel Camera which supports HD image display that enables footage to be stored on a micro SD card.

For any alarm event triggered by the internal human detection sensor or the external alarm-in device, users will be pushed for this event and be able to see the recording video on their mobile devices with the moble app, EagleEyes, installed.

Other than the power to the camera, it is truly wireless. This allows a clear hi definition picture sent to your computer or mobile device without running wires from your wireless router.

What Else Can This Camera Do?

External Device Abilities This camera is actually capable of being wired to most alarm systems and sensors. For example, if your smoke detector was to go off the camera could be wired to send you an immediate event notification.

Alarm Response Police may also respond faster when there is video confirmation that a burglary is taking place.

2-Way Audio Talking to someone at the camera location is possible through the Eagle Eyes App.

This camera is suitable for all residential homes and small business, a wireless internet connection is required.

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Ozzie Kaban

Be Safe. Ozzie Loves You.

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