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Ozzie Kaban Kaban Protective Services Inc.- was founded in 1972 by Ozzie Kaban. We have been providing security guard services in Vancouver and Lower Mainland for over 39 years.

We are a local business with local expertise in Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland.

Be Safe. Ozzie Loves You.

Kaban Security Guards

Industry terms for security personnel include Security Agents, Security Guards, Security Officers, and Loss Prevention Officers.

The Security industry in Vancouver has grown and produced different levels of security agents with different backgrounds and expertise.

Although personnel are required to carry the same license, there is a vast difference in providing Executive Protection and watching a lumber yard.

We have created a Security Assesment system where we match the security assignment with the experience and capabilities of the agent. Kaban provides agents to suit any security requirement.

Level 1 Agents
Security Guards at this level are expected to detect, deter, observe, and report.

This would include patrolling and watching areas in an industrial setting, mobile patrols, retail, and static access control (checking persons or vehicles to ensure they are permitted to enter the clients property). This is typically an entry level position with high visability security jackets.

Level 2 Agents
This would include special event security, hotel security, hospitals, concierge security, corporate security, and driver services. These assignments require a higher level of experience and training in dealing with the public in often stressfull situations.

Typically our Level 2 agents are dressed in suits with name tag identification.

Personal or Executive Protection
Kaban Protective Services has been providing Executive Protection and "Body Guards" for decades. This level of agent is highly trained and is expected to confront criminals and to act lawfully in defence of life or property.

In most assignments, our specialists are dressed in plain clothes to prevent drawing attention to our client.

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Kaban Protective Services Inc. Is Proud To Be Canadian Owned And Operated.

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