Private Investigations In Vancouver

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Led by Ozzie Kaban, our Vancouver Private Investigative Team has been successfully carrying out Private Investigations, Cheating Partner Investigations, Surveillance, and Corporate Investigations in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia since 1973.

Utilizing former Police Officers and highly trained Civilian Specialists we can handle any type of investigation in a professional and confidential matter.

Civil And Criminal Investigations

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Have You Been A Victim Of Fraud?

We have trained and licensed Private Investigators who are on assignment in Vancouver and throughout BC on a daily basis.

We are trained and experienced in uncovering fraud and looking into someones criminal past. Your confidentiality is assured when you work with Kaban.

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Cheating Partner Investigations

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Do You Have Suspicions That Your Spouse Or Partner Is Cheating?

For over 40 years Kaban has been providing clients in Vancouver and throughout BC with the information they need to know to determine if their spouse or partner is cheating on them.

We understand the stress caused by feeling that you may be being cheated on by your spouse or partner.

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Corporate Investigations

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Has Your Business Been A Victim Of A Crime Or Espionage?

Corporate Investigations usually involve a combination of Surveillance, Under Cover Work, and Electronic Spy Devices.

Typical Corporate Investigations are Employee Theft, Employee Time Theft, Sabotage, Fraud, Corporate Espionage and False Insurance Claims.

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Teen Activity Checks

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Is Your Teenager Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd?

No one wants to have their teenager followed or checked up on, but sometimes it is necessary to help them choose a different path.

Using physical surveillance, social media surveillance, and vehicle GPS we can provide you with the information you need to sit down with your child and get things out in the open.

Our founder, Ozzie Kaban is a Registered Councilor and provides counseling for families and individuals on a daily basis.

International Investigations

When Investigations are International, we have a Network of Investigative Contacts in 65 Countries that can be called upon to aid in our International Investigations. This greatly reduces the costs associated with travel and lodging when working internationally by Kaban utilizing it's network of Investigators in foreign countries.

Call us at 604-251-2121, email us at , or come and see us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Home & Business Alarm Installations

Kaban Protective Services has been installing alarm systems in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for over 40 years. We are experts at Alarm System designing and installations. Using the latest technology, our technicians look at each commercial or residential property and recommend the best security solution for our clients.

Executive Protection & Bodyguards

Kaban Protective Services provides personal protection and bodyguards in Vancouver to corporations, private clients, world leaders, and celebrities with discreet and professional protection services.

Security Camera Installations

We are experts at CCTV Camera design and installations. Using the latest technology, our technicians look at each commercial or residential property and recommend the best security solution for our clients. Our camera software allows you to check on your home while at work or from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or any computer with internet access.

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No Contract Alarm Monitoring!

Call us old fashioned but we will never ask you to sign a contract for your Kaban Alarm Monitoring. We are confident in our customer satisfaction and our customer retention rate is extremely high. If you wish to cancel your alarm monitoring services with us for whatever reason, you can, no questions asked!

Covert Operations & Surveillance

Covert Operations are surveillance or undercover operations where the target parties have no knowledge that the assignment is taking place.

We have over 40 years of experience in surveillance and undercover work. Our Covert Team consists of former Police Officers and Highly Trained Civilian Specialists.

Ozzie's Gallery

Ozzie Kaban and his team have been providing Bodyguard & Personal Protection Services for Celebrities and World Leaders in Vancouver for over 40 years.

We continue to provide Professional Bodyguarding, Executive Protection, and Consulting for Celebrities, World Leaders, and Corporate Clients.