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What Is Forensic Accounting?

Forensic Accountants are specially trained accountants that are able to review and assess the work of other professionals. Their work is to a standard suitable for use in a court of law.

Our Experience

At Kaban Protective Services, our forensic accountant has over 25 years of experience and is capable of carrying out a variety of financial investigations and forensic accounting assignments.

He can quickly ascertain the situation and provide advice on the scope and direction of an investigation. During his career he successfully conducted numerous large scale civil and criminal investigations involving: real estate developments, Ponzi schemes, false insurance claims, stock market transactions, money laundering, cheque kiting, lapping and numerous employee dishonesty cases. If the forensic investigation should result in an administrative, civil or criminal proceeding, he has extensive experience collaborating with counsel and testifying as to the result of his investigation.

Too often investigative tactics are overlooked. A flawed approach to investigating an alleged fraud might result in evidence being destroyed or fabricated by a fraudster, or overlooked by management. An experienced forensic accountant can play an important role investigating suspected fraudulent acts or regulatory problems, while also allowing the accounting and internal audit groups to focus on their core activities.

He will provide written reports of all his findings and recommendations to you as the client. At the client’s request, he will work with the client or their designated counsel to implement the report’s recommendations.

Occupational Fraud

Examples of the type Occupational Fraud investigations carried out by our forensic accountant:

Phantom Vendors used by an organization’ staff to steal funds

Ghosts on Payroll ( non-existent employees set-up to steal funds)

Misappropriated funds by forging signatures on cheques

Fabricated accounting records to understate daily cash receipts

Identification of fabricated banking records and the method used to create the documents

Bogus travel, entertainment, and business expenses submitted for re-imbursements

Unauthorized salary increases and bonuses

Corruption ( extortion / kick–back payments)

Cash larceny (cash stolen from an organization after it has been recorded in the books and records)

Non-cash misappropriation of assets

Fraudulent and double billing by vendors

Cash skimming and lapping of cash receipts

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