Crime Prevention Through Excellent Employees And Service

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My firm offers a service of identifying dishonest employees who are helping themselves to the cash or product.

We rarely get a call from a business that employs people who are interested in the welfare and satisfaction of their customers.

Why is that?

Quality salespeople know their product, they are vigilant, and they respect their employer and the business. They work to increase sales and to discourage pilfering or theft.

Let’s analyze employers.

In these economic times, some businesses make the mistake of hiring not for the purpose of offering a service but to pay low wages.

In most cases when companies do that, initially profit increases. As time progresses, however, profitability will diminish—if customers can’t get satisfaction, they will go elsewhere or go online. That creates a vicious cycle; when profits go down, employees are let go. Cutting back on the quality of employees makes business suffer and increases unemployment. Businesses that offer quality service usually will thrive.

When I call a company, I like to have a human being answer the telephone—someone who can intelligently link me with the appropriate department or person. That tells me the enterprise wants to make certain that I, the customer, will be satisfied.

Ozzie Kaban

An automated telephone answering service diminishes the quality of service. When I call a business and hear automated instructions to press 1 to get 5—which is ultimately answered by another machine telling me to leave a message—I hang up.

When the initial contact is substandard, I can extrapolate that if I have future problems with their product, my warranty and service needs will not be honored and I will be given the runaround.

Now let’s look at employees.

People contemplating a career in sales or business must like people, be non-judgmental, and have respect for the intelligence of others.

To make a quick assessment of each customer, salespeople need to understand human behavioral patterns. That comes with training. Once salespeople start dealing with a customer, they will be able to analyze whether to lead, follow, or get out of the way so the customer can make a decision. Sometimes, you must place yourself in the shoes of the customer to determine whether you are being helpful or actually impeding the sale.

Some salespeople display an amazing lack of tact and common sense. The last thing a customer may need is some bushy-tailed, bright-eyed individual asking, “May I help you?” That leaves a broad opening for the customer to respond, “No, thank you” or “I don’t need any help,” which quickly deflates the salesperson’s intent. My suggestion is to observe the customer and offer a kind greeting such as “If you need any help, I’ll be nearby. Just call me.”

Ozzie Kaban

If the customer knows he is in control of his shopping experience, he will feel comfortable with the atmosphere in the business and with your professionalism. That feeling will likely encourage him to do business with you.

•Treat all customers with respect.

•Give people the impression you are not judgmental.

•Never assume you know the financial resources of the customer.

•Never underestimate a customer from his appearance or clothing.

One of the most crucial components of effective customer service is full knowledge of the products you are selling. If you don’t know, ask someone who does, so the next time a customer asks you a question, you can answer with confidence!

Ozzie Kaban of Kaban Protective Services Inc. is a Private Investigator and Security Consultant licensed by the Department of the Attorney General of BC. His extensive studies have enabled him to better understand human behavioral patterns. His education designations include RPC (Registered Professional Counselor), MPCP (Master Practitioner of Counseling Psychology), and RCCH (Registered Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist).

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