Covert & Undercover Operations

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What Are Covert Operations?

Covert Operations are surveillance or undercover operations where the target parties have no knowledge that the assignment is taking place.

We have decades of experience in surveillance and undercover work. Our Covert Team consists of former Police Officers and Civilian Specialists.

We have served thousands of clients from large corporate investigations to small private investigations in Vancouver and throughout BC.

When you become our client, you can count on Kaban Protective Services experience, professionalism, and confidentiality.

Covert Surveillance and Undercover Operations-No regulation mustaches here, our Investigators are able to gather intelligence from a distance or in plain sight.

We use state of the art equipment and techniques in our assignments. We have male and female investigators from 20 to 85 years old who are able to blend into any environment.

Covert Counter Surveillance-If you are concerned someone is following you we can help. Our Covert Operations Team is able to "follow the followers" using a combination of technology and old school surveillance tactics.

Electronic Counter Surveillance-Are you concerned about possible electronic "bugs" in your premises? We have the equipment and expertise to carry out a professional sweep in your home or business. This service requires a technician who has had extensive training in Electronic Counter Surveillance. Kaban Protective Services has the equipment and experience.

Ozzie Kaban

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vancouver alarm companies Kaban Protective Services Inc. Is Proud To Be Canadian Owned And Operated.

Bodyguard Services In Vancouver

For over 40 years Kaban Protective Services has been providing personal protection and bodyguards in Vancouver to corporations, private clients, world leaders, and celebrities with discreet and professional protection services.

Ozzie's Gallery

Ozzie Kaban and his team have been providing Bodyguard & Personal Protection Services for Celebrities and World Leaders in Vancouver for over 40 years.

We continue to provide Professional Bodyguarding, Executive Protection, and Consulting for Celebrities, World Leaders, and Corporate Clients.

Infidelity Investigations

For decades Ozzie Kaban and Kaban Private Investigators have been providing clients in Vancouver and throughout BC with the information they need to know to determine if their spouse or partner is cheating on them.

We understand the stress caused by feeling that you may be being cheated on by your spouse or partner.