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Do You Have Suspicions That Your Spouse Or Partner Is Cheating?

For over 40 years Kaban Private Investigators have been providing clients in Vancouver and throughout BC with the information they need to know to determine if their spouse or partner is cheating on them.

We understand the stress caused by feeling that you may be being cheated on by your spouse or partner.

As with all of our Surveillance and Investigations, our investigators treat your case with confidentiality and discretion, we are here to help you find the truth.

Unfortunately, from our experience, there is a high probability that if you have a feeling it is happening, it probably is. 

Sometimes we are hired by spouses to check up on their partner. We are also often hired by concerned family members who feel their loved one is being taken advantage of and want us to find out the truth.

We are able to provide you with detailed reports, videos, photographs, background check, and social media activities.

What To Look For? How Can you Tell?

work wife

Some studies show that most affairs start at the office or workplace. As times have changed, people are often spending more time at the office than there are at home.

This has created a phenomenon called the Work Spouse.

The terms "Work Wife", "Work Husband" and "Office Spouse" are becoming more common as men and women spend considerable time working closely together in the workplace then ever before.

It often starts slowly and becomes an emotional relationship over time. In a way it is like dating in that you can enjoy each others time together without all of the stresses of home and family life. You go out for lunch, you go out for coffee, training seminars, work retreats, office parties, and after work drinks all without you kids, spouse, or other distractions of home life. This can be a very tempting situation for people.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, either physically or emotionally, the work spouse needs to be checked out.

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Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating

We are generally creatures of habit and routine. Usually any significant changes in your partners habits can be a warning sign that something may be going on.

Some Examples

  • Increase in the amount of time spent online
  • Deletion of internet website history
  • Password protecting their home computer login
  • Password protecting their smart phone
  • Secrecy with their cell phone and texting (note people may have a phone number of the person they are cheating with under a fake name)
  • Secretive social media accounts
  • Sudden offers to run errands that they do not normally do
  • Coming home late from work on a regular basis
  • Sudden interest in getting back in shape and their appearance
  • Spending more money on clothes and accessories than they normally would
  • Showering more frequently, especially when returning from work
  • Becoming abnormally less affectionate or more affectionate (can be a result of guilt)
  • Increase in money spent without explanations
  • Opening a separate bank account 
  • Sudden desire to join activities or clubs without you

These are just a few examples of signs that your husband, wife, or partner may be cheating on you. Chances are, if you feel that it is happening, there is a good possibility it is.

What Are Your Options?

You can confront your partner about your suspicions, but most cheaters will not admit their infidelity.

You can have a friend follow them or try yourself. This usually results in whats commonly termed in the world of surveillance as "Getting Burned". The last thing in the world you want is for your partner to catch you or one of your friends following them.

Hire an experienced Private Investigator. This is the best and safest solution. Professional Surveillance with video and photos will give you the proof and piece of mind to know if your partner is cheating.

Most Investigation Firms can also help you with Attorney referrals or Qualified Therapists if you wish to try and work things out.

If you live out of Greater Vancouver or Vancouver Island we can refer you to an Reputable Investigator in your area.

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