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CCTV-Security Camera Systems

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We have been installing CCTV and Security Camera Systems in Vancouver and throughout BC since 1973. We are experts at CCTV Camera design and installations. Using the latest technology, our technicians look at each commercial or residential property and recommend the best security solution for our clients.

Our camera software allows you to check on your home while at work or from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or any computer with internet access.

CCTV-Dome Cameras

CCTV camera companies vancouver

Dome CCTV Cameras are a low profile camera that typically come with a wide view. They can be used indoor or outdoor to view an room or large outside area. Dome cameras are ideal for homes, retail stores, banks, casinos, and outside of buildings where one camera is able to cover a large area. Kaban Protective Services offers vandal proof, water proof cameras that are very difficult to damage or steal.

CCTV-Night Vision Cameras

CCTV camera companies vancouver

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark? Now you can with our Dome and Bullet Night Vision Cameras.

IR (infrared)cameras work by using LED lights to light up areas that are invisible to the human eye. Although you can see the area lit up on your screen, anyone within the camera range is unable to see the camera or light emitting from it.

CCTV-Spy Cameras

CCTV camera companies vancouver

Yes, we have cool stuff. We have video spy cameras in wall clocks, stuffed animals, pens, key chains, smoke detectors, eye glasses, and many more unique everyday items we use in our Covert Operations and Surveillance.

We can also set up hidden cameras in your residence or business.

Smart Phone Ready

security camera companies vancouver

All of our cameras are Smart Phone Ready. View your cameras live on your smart phone or through any computer.

Contact one of our Camera Technicians Today at 604.251.2121 to learn more.

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Security Cameras

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