How To Protect Your Home Or Business From Burglars

protect your home or business It is an unfortunate reality that there continues to be people out there who will break into your home, go through all of your personal belongings, and steal your stuff.

Humans have been stealing from each other for thousands of years. It cannot be stopped, but there are steps you can take to protect your property, your valuables, and your loved ones.

Some Facts

You have a greater chance of being broken into if you live in a densely populated area.

The more wealth you have, the higher your risk of being a victim of a break and enter or theft.

In 2009, 27.7% of homes in BC experienced some type of household crime (Break & Enter, Theft from Car, Theft of Household Property, or Vandalism)

The majority of break and enters are crimes of opportunity, and are usually carried out by men in their teens to mid 20's.

Over 80% of home break-ins occur during daylight hours.

So Who Are You Dealing With?

protect your home or business

There are many different types of criminals but the 4 main groups are drug addicts, young men, opportunists, and professional thieves.

Drug Addicts will steal anything, anytime, anywhere, and from anyone. They are in desperate need of cash to feed their habit and can be very dangerous to deal with, and of any age.

Teenagers steal for a variety of reasons. Sometimes to buy nice things, or be cool in front of their friends.

Opportunists will steal things when they feel there is little risk to getting caught, and in some cases cannot help themselves to things left out by careless homeowners or businesses. This person can be anyone of any age, even a neighbour.

Professional Thieves these are people that have decided to make a living out of taking things from others. They have knowledge of locks, doors, windows, police shift changes, and what alarm companies use cheap security systems.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

Your home is your sanctuary. Having your home broken into is a traumatic experience. Many people are fearful for a long time afterwards and may experience a lifelong feeling of worry that it will happen again.

The best thing you can do to protect your home or business is to not wait until after you have a break-in. We have many clients who call us after a break in, wishing they had taken the steps to secure their home or business before it happened.

There are many ways to slow down or prevent a would be thief from gaining access to your home or business but they are all a second line of defense.

It is very important to make your home appear to be secure from a distance. Most Burglars are looking for an easy score. It is simply the way humans are, we will almost always take the easier way out. If your house and your neighbours appear to have the same wealth, the burglar will go for the house that looks easier to break into.

A ladder left unsecured in the backyard, a tree that's limbs give access to the roof, or bushes that block a window are all inviting to thieves.

protect your home or business

An Alarm System Alarm Systems are security deterrents that are used to prevent a break-in in your home or business by deterring the would be thief. Quality Alarm Systems of today are extremely difficult to by-pass when installed by a professional company. Beware of cheap or "free" systems, experienced thieves know the stickers of the "Craigslist" 2 guys in a van installers. Make sure that you have alarm company stickers on your doors and windows, and an alarm company sign visible in your front yard. There is no greater deterrent than an alarm system to deter a break-in. Visit The Kaban Alarm Systems Page

Camera Systems (CCTV) Camera technology and lower system costs have made a CCTV System in your home or business an attractive option. What was once a very expensive system to have installed has now become affordable to the masses. Vandal proof cameras compliment an alarm system very well. Most cameras now come with night vision and web and smart phone viewing. This means that you are able to check on your place from anywhere in the world using a computer or your phone. Visit The Kaban Camera Systems Page

Your Front Door Many break-ins occur through the front or back door. A secure door means a solid core wood or steal door, a solid door frame, sturdy deadbolt or slip bolt, hinges that cannot be removed from the outside, and if the door has a window, make sure the burglar cannot simply break the window and undo the deadbolt.

protect your home or business

Many cheaper doors can be kicked in or wedged open easily with a crowbar, this can be done in seconds. We recommend a metal strike plate installed in the door jam to make it even more difficult for a crowbar to wedge open your door.

Your Back Door Back doors are often overlooked when securing the home. The same rational applies to your back door.

Your Garage Door Many of us keep expensive tools, equipment, and toys in our garages. Cheap garage doors can be kicked in. They can also be lifted using a pry bar and even a car jack. There are several methods of securing the inside of your door but they can be cumbersome. A door contact or motion sensor linked to your Alarm system with a delay (and a keypad in your garage) is your best most convenient option.

protect your home or business

Windows Although effective, may people do not want bars on every window of their house. You can put all the locking mechanisms on them you want, but they are still glass. We recommend having window contacts and/or glass break sensors installed on your windows. Window contacts will signal the alarm system to sound as soon as they are open. Glass break sensors add the added protection of sounding the alarm immediately should the window be smashed.

Expensive Toys Boats, Sea-doos, Dirt Bikes, Motorcycles, and any other expensive vehicle should be secured in the garage or placed out of plain sight whenever possible. At least one boat trailer wheel should be removed and heavy chains used to secure your valuables.

Motion Sensor Lights These bright lights work well to deter thieves. No one creeping around at night likes to be under a bright light. They should not be your only security measure however, as a thief may wait until the light turns off and proceed to break in to your home or business in the motions sensors blind spot.

Use Your Common Sense Walk around your property and see how easy it is to break in. If you can get in easily so can anyone else.

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